Unable to browse arrays larger than 1000 when debugging


I’m attempting to debug some clicks in a delay module I’m programming, and as such I would like to view the full buffered array that I’m using to be able to see where the discontinuieties are - However, gdb doesn’t allow me to expand variables past 1000 entries.

Is this something that is possible?

I set up my environment according to the vcvrack.com guide, and configured Visual Studio Code according to ToneTechnicians guide found here: How to Setup your Windows VS Code Environment for VCV Rack Plugin Development and Debugging | by the tonetechnician | Medium

Has anyone else encountered and solved this? Or is it an inherent limitation?

That’s a VSCode gdb interface limitation. You can easily view large arrays directly in GDB. Once you hit a breakpoint, select the “DEBUG CONSOLE” tab in VSCode, then type the following in the GDB prompt under the console:

-exec set print elements 0

-exec print xxx

Where xxx is your array name. The full array should print in the debug console.


Thank you so much! This will do just fine. I had managed to figure out how to use the -exec print function, but I hadn’t found the -exec set print elements command yet.