UAD Working in Rack w/ Blue Cat Patchwork

Howdy all!

If you are like me with a love of UAD plugs and have been hoping they would get into rack, I’ve found the work around

Blue cat patchwork is something I scooped when I had to go back to logic from ableton for some old mixes I was revisiting and really missed the rack functionality of ableton.

I had noticed before that in logic it was letting me open VSTs and not just AUs.

It occured to me a few mins ago to try blue cat in VCV Host and sure enough I was able to get my beloved UAD Api 2500 receiving my NYSTHI 2 bus out!

I only had the one plug in there as I needed to immediately share this, but I suspect the uses of Patchwork will multiply exponentially as I start getting it integrated.

Makes for easy bussing and parallel processing!



Thanks! Another rabbit hole to chase. I still have the original UAD card running here with a nice suite of plugins, and I was wondering if they could be brought into VCV space or vice versa.

I found Cantabile last fall and have used that for a solid VST instantiator, but haven’t tried to work it into my VCV space either. So little time…

Paul “Uncle Chrome” Artola
Ellicott City, Maryland, USA

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VST 3 also load in Patch Works it is a nice plugin to have, also has some built in EQ compression reverb etc.



blue cat patchwork is great, because it allows you to load vst3 plugins, as well as vst2 plugins that do not come with their own gui, such as my beloved airwindows plugins. and coming with its own suite of fx, it makes for a nice and compact solution for making your own vst racks within rack. :smiley:

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DEFINITELY a rabbit hole. also so many possibilities for modulating the blue cat parameters themselves via Host. Definitely never enough time :slight_smile:

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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i completely forgot about the built in stuff! I havent even touched those! Good idea!!

Never heard of airwindows until now! Just looked up his channel and am watching his biquad filter one right now. This guy just seems like such a nice guy who is genuinely passionate about making his plugs.

Think they were added in the last round of updates for it.

chris from airwindows is a great guy. now that he makes his money thru patreon, he makes a free open source plugin (or updates an old one) every week! he also does livestreams on youtube.