Type II Phase Detector / Comparator Modules?

Are there any type II Phase Detector / Comparator Modules?

Type II Phase Detector / Comparator compares two inputs and outputs in 3 states - +5v / 0v / -5v.

Just practicing my analog logic skills. I am trying to recreate / reverse-engineer Intellijel Rubicon’s tri-state wave using that. Also, I think a lot of PLL circuits like Benjolin, Wogglebug uses phase detector.

Please let me know.

don’t most phase detectors output a continuous voltage that represents the phase difference? PLL would never be stable if it output two or three discrete voltages, I don’t think.

It is not that simple.

Basically, there are two types of comparators. The Type I is a XOR gate, which is what you are mentioning, that just output +5v.

Type II outputs +5v or -5v depends on the phases of two inputs. e.g. left input comes first = +5v right input comes first = -5v otherwise, 0v

something like that

Frozen Wasteland have a module called Phased Locked Loop, but it doesnt have the type II Comparator I mentioned … I think I could use some logic module, attunuverters, switches and comparators to achieve this though …

ah, right. In actual use, of course, they are usually followed by an integrator or other LPF, making them continuous.

Seems working with two comparators

hmmm … no … cuz it compared with a DC voltage, changing pulse have no effect … I need to think of other ways …

My PLL has XOR and flip flop comparators (and their fuzzy logic relatives), but can always add more :slight_smile:

OK, this will be included in next update (the Coincidence Comparator does what you want)


I have one not published that’s the CGS Slope Detector
I 've blocked my releases because just writing the release notes for the CGS INFINITE MELODY my brain farted


looking forward to the release of those. :smiley:

thank you all for the help! Much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: