Tutorial: Setting up an audiovisual performance with Rack and Touchdesigner

I made an extensive tutorial for anyone interested in adding some live generated visuals to their patch videos with nothing but free software!

It’s only for Windows, don’t ask me how to do this on Mac or Linux I have no idea.

Links for the tools used:






And Rack ofcourse :slight_smile:


sorry but wrong video but I found actual one on your channel

Cool. Here’s the correct link:


Cool idea, sync VCV and TD trigger by midi or audio analyzer? audio reactive visual?

Oh I totally did not realize I posted the wrong link xD Thanks!

I’m using OSC for sending CV like midi and envelopes, and an 8-channel virtual audio cable to send audio which is then processed in TD for audio reactivity :slight_smile:

How powerful would your computer have to be to run something like this in a live streaming situation?

It depends entirely on the complexity of the patches. I am using an hp omen 15 with 9th gen i7, 16gb ram and RTX2060 and it does a good job. With touchdesigner, I usually make sure it runs at 60fps, then force the framerate to 30fps to halve the load and ensure there is resources left for rack (and streaming).

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