Turn knobs from module code

(MicMusic) #1

I’m trying to solve following problem.
Module has a lot of knobs and one switch ‘Mode 1’ <-> ‘Mode 2’. On switch from ‘Mode 1’ to ‘Mode 2’ I would like to save all knob values for ‘Mode 1’, load values for ‘Mode 2’ and adjust knobs accordingly. Same backwards.

Adjusting param.value doesn’t work - knobs are not redrawn.
I assume I can make custom Widget child and override step() function, which will update widget value from param value and call redraw. But is there easier option?

(Andrew Belt) #2

This will work as expected in Rack v1.

(Phil Golden) #3

Bidoo.Dtroy uses this technique this might help, though it doesn’t really work well for knobs that have complex shapes in 0.6.x.