Turing Machine With A Reliable Reset

I really love using multiple Turing machines for generating note CV (run through quantisers), however I’m finding the lack of resets very limiting. The Stellare Modular Turing Machine does have a reset, but it works so inconsistently as to be of no use. Permutations doesn’t have a reset. This means it is basically impossible to sync two or more reliably. I’ve tried recording the notes into Phrase-seq, but I find this quite clunky and often can’t cleanly replicate the notes being output from the Turing Machine.

Are there any other modules which perform the same function but include a reliable reset?

It might help to define what you mean by “reliable reset”. Do you mean every time the signal is high the unit is immediately reset? do you mean if a reset low to high happened before a clock that it will be reset on the rising edge of the clock? do you mean if a reset is received that is at least 2 ms. later than the last clock?

Yes, there are many clocks “standards”.

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Thanks for replying. I’m ideally looking for a way to reliably start a sequence of notes output by the module at a known location. So if it is outputting an 8 note sequence that I’m quantising to A C A G A F G B, triggering the reset will play the sequence from the first A. I understand that, given the nature of a Turing machine, there is no true beginning to the sequence, but Permutations allows you to shift the sequence left or right which would allow me to line up whatever I perceive as the start of a sequence. So in answer to your question I guess I mean that the unit is immediately reset in the same way a sequencer would be. I just want to be able to play around with the pseudo-randomness until I find something I like, then lock that in across multiple modules.

You could use the phrase-seq 32 to record it (Note to CV-in and Trigger to Write-In). With the Tran/Rot Button you can tranpose and rotate (shift) the sequence and set your first note.


Solving everybody’s problems…

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I’ll try to give my very best to give back, what I learned from this community when I had a lot of questions. :slight_smile:


I am enjoying seeing a lot of this attitude in here. :heart:

I believe you’re meaning sync in the lock mode right? Maybe Prob-key by Impromptu has something like this but I’m not sure. Maybe applying reset to Index CV can help but I didn’t try that. Great implemented of Turing Machine anyway!

Hi! Maybe you will find DejaVu from OrangeLine working better for your needs. You can have it generate random notes, you can set a specific length, you can reset it and create a sequence, and it’s quite fun to use.


If you buy it, Vult Dopamine is a nice module to complement a random sequence generator.

8Face from Stoermelder works great for this.

Thanks everyone. Some great suggestions there.