Tuning LFOs to create scales

Im trying to use two lfos w sample&hold and an attenuverter to generate scales but Im having a hard time tuning the range of the frequency in order to just go from x to its octave instead of going from x to a very high pith (wich I cant figure out how to controll). Please let me know if I should explain myself better in order for you to understand this question.

One solution(or part of it?) that comes to mind is to use an Lfo that lets you set the scale of its output. The ones from Bogaudio for instance.


There are a few ways to do what you want but one thing you may not know is that you can right click on a knob and set it’s precise value. That way you can set the attenuverter to exactly the value you want. A really useful module is Vult Leakage which combines attenuation with S&H. I use it al the time to generate random pitches.

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You can also use a module like NYSHI:Sou Utils to constrain the LFO to x octaves.

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or wait for nysthi::Modulo Magic !


what does CGS stand for?

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Maybe ‘‘Cool Graphic Skin’’ ? Because they look super nice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Cat Girl Synth !
by Ken Stone (Ken gave me permission to repro 3 of his creations)


here is another way to tame an LFO (using orange line fence):


I was going to say it looked awfully Serge like :wink:


Which is the third one?

an easy one: the slope detector (and maybe the voltage processor as 4th if I have time)

They are all in the BOCGS MARSH panel

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Oh yes!!

Is there a Beta Version I can use?

Thanks. I want to go outside the common ABCDEFG scale tho.