Trying to make a certain melody: Nav-myself song

Hello I am fairly new at VCV rack but I want to make a short simple melody using the first 15 seconds of a song called Myself by Nav I would like some tips and tricks to know how to make this some come to life in vcv rack thank you.

My favorite module(s) for doing this is the Entrian Melody sequencer. It is a lot of work though. For just a snippet, I usually use a sequential switch and set the notes manually but it is hard to get rhythm patterns using just a sequential switch. Never-the-less, I have implemented many songs in these manual ways, but then I usually cannot or will not post the results due to copyright issues.

Edit: Just listening to the Myself intro up until the lyrics start sound like it would be fairly amenable to a sequential switch approach, assuming you know the or can sound out the notes, or find them online.

Edit: Actually I meant to say Entrian Timeline rather than Entrian Melody. Here is probably the most complex piece I have done with Entrian Timeline:

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first 2 melodies I heard in this song are the intro and the verse. the first one is very simple, the second one is…more simple (notes are D E♭ F F F F F E♭ D G F) :smiley: so it’s a good one to start.

the good news is that there is no problem whatsoever to recreate it in a free digital environment with modular sequencers, sequential switches, clock dividers and so on, but it would be much easier with a “piano roll/daw style” sequencer.

start from some tutorials about how sequencing works :wink: