trowaSoft: Modules for v1

And… we’re back!
trowaSoft Modules for VCV Rack v1.x conversion complete!
multiScope now finally works on MacOS and we added a resizable (down to 1hp) blank panel.

Submitted to VCV Plugin Library, Win & Mac builds are available now @ github releases.


No issues so far everything compiles and works just fine no crashes! Windows…

The performance on both trigseq’s is a little high +3% (*2 on trigseq 64) when idle, not running.

All looks good on Linux, Fedora 23, clean build and instantiation. Looking forward to testing them later today. :slight_smile:

Works great! Most of my old patches used trigseq/voltseq, those still work perfectly too. Finally I can use my favourite module on 1.0. Thank you for the modules!

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