Trouble with ES-8

Hey folks,

Been playing around with Rack for a while and recently decided to take the jump to Eurorack! I have a Moog DFAM and an Expert Sleepers ES-8. I first tried the ES-8 out with Live 10 and CV Tools, so far so good, everything works great.

Unfortunately, I’m having less luck with Rack. I can send CV out to the DFAM with no issue, however I’m having bother getting audio from the DFAM back into Rack. The LEDs on the ES-8 input light up, but I’m not getting anything in Rack at all. I’ve tried out all the ES-8 inputs and corresponding Audio-8/16 outputs. The ES-8 is at the latest firmware and Rack is up to date, running on a 2018 macbook pro.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you happen to run MacOS Sierra, it’s possibly the same stupid problem I was bitten by. They accidentally split up the input and output of an audio interface, into two different audio interfaces, which means when you select an audio interface in Rack for output, there’s no inputs. You can see that by the green LED in the input section of the audio module in Rack NOT being on. The solution is very simple: Make an aggregate audio device in MacOS, where you gather both the output and input devices into the same/one device, and voila - bouth output and input from the same selected device, just as it should be.

It was a bug (I say) they introduced with some update to Sierra and incredibly they never bothered to fix it :frowning:

Sorry for the late reply. I’m running macOS Mojave. I double checked the lights on the input section within Audio-8 and the green LEDs are actually turned on when I select the ES-8 as the audio device. Any other ideas?

Can you get any input, from any audio interface, into Rack at all?

Wow, my troubleshooting brain really isn’t switched on. Should have checked that earlier, as it turns out I cannot! Tried my Focusrite 2i4, the macbook’s built-in mic, and the earpods mic connected into the 3.5mm jack, all things that have worked in the past.

I tried the 2i4 on my PC too (haven’t installed the ES software as I don’t want to have to deal with ASIO), and it worked there.

It appears that this issue is only occurring on my macbook.