Trouble using ReaRoute, Reaper, VCV V1.0

I cannot seem to get VCV and Reaper to see each other through Rearoute. This used to work.
I am using Windows 10 64bit Home.
Anybody else have problems and/or solutions?

Can you give more details? Can you select “ReaRoute ASIO” in the Audio module?
If checked it here and it looks fine.

In the Audio, I can select ASIO, then I can seleact ReaRoute ASIO without a problem. In Reaper, I select Rearoute as the audio input device.

I get no sound from VCV to Reaper.

Don’t know if its the same thing but I used to have a similar issue in 0.6. For me, switching the audio driver in the core audio module to another (asio) driver then back to rearoute got audio flowing through.

Thanks Ray. I tried that just now and it did not help. It does send sound thru ASIO4All to my speakers. When I switch back to ReaRoute, there is nothing.

Does ReaRoute work from another program?

Thanks stoermelder, I find that although another daw could see and select ReaRoute as an ASIO device, I cannot receive in Reaper from the other daw.
I am very puzzled about this. At least it is probably not a problem with VCV.

You probably know this but you have armed the channel with ReaRoute input in Reaper?

Yes thanks, that’s an old mistake of mine. I am suspecting some problem with my Reaper installation. It’s a portable install.

I tried using Rearoute again when v1 came out and it didn’t work for me too. I went back to using Bridge but I had the same issue as you on a regular install of Reaper, no sound came through no matter which ASIO driver i used etc.

You could install Reaper to test if its an issue with the portable build. Also, Rearoute is a separate install option right? Maybe try removing and reinstalling it?

If it was working with 0.6 then you could install it parallel to 1.0 and see if Rearoute works with it.

Or - if you’ve recently upgraded Reaper, try rolling back to versions that were working for you previously.

Sorry that’s not much help but that’s all I can think of to narrow down the cause.

Can confirm Rearoute is working for me in 1.0 (Windows 10/latest build of Reaper - Using the core 16 module, haven’t tried the 8)

Hi, I’m just trying to connect reaper and vcv rack by rearoute, and I have exactly the problem you mentioned- I cannot select ReaRoute ASIO on the Audio module. I use Reaper 6.19 64-bit, VCV 1.1.6 64-bit, on Windows 10, and ReaRoute is working properly in Reaper. Any idea on what could be wrong would be helpful, I even tried to reinstall VCV…