Trigger delay

Stupid question i guess, but is there any way to trigger the delay module so it works at EXACT time i need it? In the eoc, for example. I’ll be grateful for your answers!


I’m not so sure I understand. Which delay module? The VCV one? With the EOC of what? Can you upload a screenshot or the patch you’re working on?


Generally asking questions is preferred over not asking questions when looking for answers. ;-).

I guess this specific question needs some clarification before any of us can provide you with a usefull answer.

How would you define “EXACT TIME”. And how would you define when you “need it”?

Might be you put your perception of a solution in your question? Maybe better decribe your problem/goal (as in: what are you trying to achieve)? So we can help you towards a solution?

With my power of deduction, I offer this: you trigger some AD(SR) module and put its output into the wet/dry control, for instance here in Chronoblob

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Not sure if I get it either, but I’ll take a wild guess. If you want the delay to kick in only after the envelope, one way to achieve that is by sending the EOC to toggle a switch and then sending the output high gate to modulate the delay mix (so it turns the delay “on” and “off”). Is that it?

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Here’s some somewhat cryptic answers to your question.

Sometimes, I forget to count cables and add one sample delay per cable.

When all else fails, I pull out the envelope scope.

And count on low accuracy for the VCV brand LFO’s, the internal number representation is not very high. ( a 10 sec period is 2% short ).

Sometimes a trigger buffer can solve you sync problems.

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yes, thats what i asked about! Thank u very much!

Yes, this is it! thank u!

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Thank u for showing up here, Omri. I ve already get the answer here. Huge fan of yours and very thankful for all work u do. Your videos saved my days last year when we didn t have electricity for days due to russian shelling our infrastructure. Spent my last charge percentage to watch your videos but it cheered me up a lot. Thank u!