Transmit full range CV externally

Hi folks, I wondered if there exists any specialized hardware that allows for VCV generated CV, in both lfo and audio-rate range, to be transmitted externally? Like say over network protocol etc.

I would say that what you’re looking for is called ‘audio’ + DC-coupled audio interface. And actually, unless the LFO is quite slow DC-coupling is often not necessary.

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One option is Expert Sleepers - ES-9 USB Audio Interface

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Thanks for pointing out the ES-9! I seem to have missed this entirely as there is lot of useful info in the Expert Sleepers ES-9 thread.

ES-9 is a powerhouse and quite a few of us in the forum have it. There’s a few topics in here about it.

For the network protocol part, I was curious if it was possible to use OSC with VCV?


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To amplify what @mosphaere posted, many people use the trowaSoft stuff to integrate VCV with OSC. I’ve never tried it myself, but I assume it works well or I would have heard otherwise.