Transform a signal to have V/oct control on an input with an exponential in base 10 response?


I want to modulate the delay time in the VCV Delay module. The input seems to apply an exponential in base 10 function whereas I would like to apply my modulation onto a exponential in base 2 because I am interested to control the pitch resulting of the feedback rather than the time, so I want to have something like a volt/octave control. I was thinking about using Formula for this purpose but I am not sure which formula to use.

I suppose that I should apply a pow(2,w) function then somehow compensate for the pow(10,w) with a log10? Also, is I have a -5/+5 signal on the input, to which range should I convert it before and in between the application of these functions?

I think your on the right track. In would try the log10 first and make sure that is the linear response you want. You’ll probably need to be in 0 to 10v range for the math too work out is my guess. Once that works put the pow2 in front.

Alternately your could look for othe delay modules that might be closer to what you want.