Transferring J Daniel Cramer´s huge generative polykrell patch to VCV rack

Is it possible (and practical) to recreate a polyphonic generative Krell music hardware patch (467 cables, some months of patching, 4 produced albus with the patch) using only VCV Rack? Which VCV rack modules do we have to use instead of certain hardware, that doesn´t have a 1:1 partner in software? Which VCV rack modules, that don´t exist in hardware, but are more practical/functional than the hardware modules the canadian musician J. Daniel Cramer has used should be implemented? What are the possibilities, that VCV rack opens to the musician additionally to the existing hardware patch, what can we do more and perhaps even more creatively in VCV rack, but can´t in hardware? These questions and more are getting answered and explained in my 44 step series of articles (plus video clips) about recreating the “Krellberg Variations” in VCV Rack. I´d really be happy about every comment and opinion about the project: J. Daniel Cramer´s Krellberg Variations in VCV Rack – Part 1 Enjoy your day: Rolf


This is very interesting. Will surly follow your journey.

Question: is the book " A Systematic Introduction To Making Generative Music With Modular Synths" available elsewhere (shop w/o paypal)?

Some great sounds there - what an impressive project :slight_smile: