TOOL - Fear Inocolum

I always loved Tool. Yet I think the last album is… Uhm… Something I already heard before.

But I want to point out this piece: [CHOCOLATE CHIP TRIP](

Please, have a listen. You will understand why I have decided to underline this one! :wink:

I enjoyed a lot the las album. I agree, the album sounds still like tool. Personally, I didn’t wanted a big evolution on their sound. For that, I can listen to Puscifer or APC.

I was surprised as well when I listened to that song for the first time. I really like it.

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i agree that the new album is good but not groundbreaking

after waiting almost 10,000 days we expected something more


who is thi stool ?

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A stool is a device made out of a plastic or wooden dish and usually 3 legs, sometimes 4. You can put your bum on it and have a moment of relax. Altough it is quite uncomfortable if compared to a chair or a sofa it is widely used in pubs and it is very cheap. You can even do it yourself! :wink:

Oh wait, you mean TOOL? It’s a prog rock band! Pretty good, IMHO!


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Ahem… Not even 5000 days… :wink: