Tips to avoid clipping / distortion

Creating some quite complex generative patches, and I am finding sometimes slow moving modulations can run the patch into distortion at some points in a way that is hard to know where it is coming from. I have read on here that the engine of VCV can’t really clip signals, but some modules seem to.

Any tips for hunting down where distortion is coming from or avoiding it when building patches?

I have that problem and in my case it is caused by thread issues. I have too many tabs open in my web browser and too many threads allocated to the browser. I kill my browser before recording.

Hi! I’m having these issues a lot being a beginner. I’m now experimenting with just turning it all down like advised here

I like to scatter a lot of these NYSTHI Single Slim VU Meters around, to see what’s going on at a glance throughout the chain.

Suitable for VU meter use with adjustable ballistics, or for unipolar/bipolar CVs from 1 V to 100 V ranges. There’s a polyphonic version too.

Related to this topic, is that I cannot find a meter that reliably indicates a 0 dBfs audio level in the output. VU meters might appear to be pinning, yet when you inspect the recording of the output with Audacity it’s actually something like -4 or -6 dBfs.

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