Tips for creating ambient shoegaze in VCV

Thank you so much the warble effect is mentioned a lot, what modules would achieve that effect? VCV Library - ZetaCarinae WeebleWarbler (

Weeblewarbler looks promising, any more? Tremolo into Flanger = broken tape type sound?

Noxious is the real star here - these are great :slight_smile:

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There are a zillion ways to make “Tremolo”. My module Chopper is one. It tries to cover the basic trem shapes you might get from guitar amps.

Vibrato is more what you want. Maybe try a delay with the delay time modulated?

Thanks for the info-so just to clarify-Vibrato into a delay module or try with a Flanger as well!? A few great options either way. Love ;My Bloody Valentine’-Kevin Shields is a guitar god!

I’m saying use a delay to make a vibrato. I’m fairly sure that’s how it works.

Sounds right to me. You can even get vibrato by modulating a filter (since frequency is just the change in phase over time).

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