Tiny patches

I read in the Patch & Tweak book for Mutable Instruments and it said to put field recording into Rings, so that’s what I did, made some birds from Yellowstone National Park excite the Resonator in quantized strings mode. Thought it was kind cool, might be fun to turn this into a tiny patch post? Including a zip containing the vcv file and a folder with the bird sample to set the root directory in the radio music context menu. https://youtu.be/XVYl_0Nm-yo

insta-ambient.zip (3.4 MB)


That sounds great! I’m gonna try this :slight_smile:

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Nice! I love the idea of “tiny patches” that are great standalone. :raised_hands:

we did lots of tiny 48hp patches for vcp 11!

and patches here:


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I also love small patches. This is really nice and I must give it a try. Thanks for posting @AdiQ

Tiny patches sound like a really fun idea! I will definitely give it a try… after completing my current patch. Which is monstrous. :slight_smile:

Thanks @KaiRei , @benjamindauer , @veryfungi ! @ablaut , i remember this vcp quite well, wish i had known this trick back then, because i had so much trouble balancing a simple patch with a complex sound at the same time @fbeecher good luck on your monstrous patch, that’s usually the route i go since we don’t pay for extra modules, but fun to switch it up with the minimal style as well :slight_smile: I really would get a kick out of seeing more tiny patches that you guys come up with, so much to learn from everyone!

I saw this patch a while ago, I think on the Facebook Group:

It is very fun to play with, especially if you freeze the Camilla, then you can play that too with the Twelve-Key.
I expanded the patch too, into this still rather small, but larger version, which is more fun. The only real difference is the Blamsoft tube for some distortion - the other modules are just there to prevent clipping, and to manage the high levels you can get

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Nice! I feel like I don’t use the time stretcher or the freeze function enough, can’t wait to try!

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Vers cool patch Adi! I learned something new today :slight_smile:

Thanks Lars! It is most definitely fun to try sending different stuff into the “in” to excite Rings instead of just strumming with a gate. You can use just about anything, like a quick envelope for example, try different modes, try different polyphony settings, etc. Jim Frye has another nice patch on his channel with this trick, and since i posted this i found some more cool ideas on the mutable instruments forum that may yield some starting points for Rings ideas… Please share if you come up with anything interesting :slight_smile: https://forum.mutable-instruments.net/t/things-that-sound-good-through-rings-elements/12578 ___ https://forum.mutable-instruments.net/t/random-rings-experiments/13354