Anyone out there experiencing Tinnitus? Is it constant? What do you hear? Does it bother you? Coping mechanisms?

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Funny that. I was wanting to raise this topic too. I suffer from tinnitus. Mine is a constant high pitch howl. Sometimes my ‘experiments’ in rack and other VSTs can exacerbate it which is why I don’t use headphones.

I did ‘hear’ that listening to quiet white noise can lessen the problem.


Hello Jon I feel you have made a good post and hope a few come in ear :slight_smile: :ear: I have Tinnitus. one sided, the right side. It is a sine wave at 11180Hz, checked it with Audacity some time ago. It is always there, I know it will not go away and it gets to me on occasion, in bed before sleep can be a nuscance, at one time I found it hard to manage, nowadays if trying to sleep I listen to talking books from Librivox.org all public domain. Human voice seems to work for me far better than music. I do listen to classical music though which does help somewhat. I have found working with audio, particularly digital modular, quite theraputic, it helps me to focus away from the annoying and constant tone. It seems worse when I think about it, like at present, as I type ! I think I know how it came about. In the early 80s I was a promoter and ran a small venue, every night a PA system just an arms length from my head. I also have some hearing loss. Do you have Tinnitus, How do you manage?


I experienced an intermittent clicking noise in my left ear for about 10 years that was quite jarring and annoying. Then, a few years ago, a steady hiss/pitch settled in. Sometimes it’s quite “loud;” occasionally, barely noticeable, but it’s always there. Fortunately, it doesn’t particularly bother me most of the time. Usually, I don’t even think about it. I know some folks are driven nearly nuts by it.

The sounds I make with Rack tend to be noisy repetitive drones, and these sorts of sounds for me, are therapeutic. They sometimes deaden the Tinnitus. Overall, I would rather not experience Tinnitus, obviously, but I’m thankful its impact on my mental well-being has been limited. (Usually, I tend to be an obsessive, worrying hypochondriac.) I feel for those for whom this is not the case.


I have mine for about 20 years and it is in different frequency ranges. Both tones, high and low, are just in the perception area. How do I handle this? I got used to it. I live above a pub and there are always sounds that you have to hide. Whereby it is worst in total silence. That’s why my doctor advised me to play always soft music, even while sleeping. VCV-Rack helps me to focus on other sounds and I use some high quality closed linear headphones.


Chords of Orion ( an ambient guitarist) also has tinnitus, if i remember well, he speaks about it and his journey with it in his video, i didn’t know about tinnitus at all before this vid. Sometimes I do have acouphene when i’m very tired or stressed, but it never goes longer than 1 minute. I had no idea it could be permanent :no_mouth: . Anyway hope this vid can help you guys a bit. EDIT : i just rewatched the vid, listen till the end, he says positive stuff that i’m sure could help someone suffuring from this too

I’ve not had it in a good while, I was diagnosed with meniere’s disease not too long ago and cutting down on salt really help’s with keeping symptoms of it to a minimum. One of the symptoms being Tinnitus.

Salt will retain water in the body, so if the fluid increases in the inner ear all sorts of issues can occur, vertigo being the worst of them. Best tip would be start measuring how much salt you intake daily and cut back, about 1500-1800mg daily. You do need salt in the body to live so… But the amount of salt that gets put in food on the shelf and in restaurants is way too much for your system to handle with meniere’s. It is alarming when I see a chef on TV put a pinch of salt in food (more like a handful). Potassium helps get rid fluids from the body so having a good balance of potassium heavy foods (dried apricots, almost yellow bananas, baked potato) and low sodium really helps!

There is a lot of apps and youtube content claiming that a particular sound helps elevate Tinnitus, some even say cure but sound only masks it. I can guarantee if you cut back on salt, which is difficult to do, it will help!

Yes, tinnitus is physical damage with the hairs in the ear canal, it can never be cured. Most masking techniques do help somewhat - but that is like hitting your thumb with a hammer to take your mind of your toothache :grin:


I also had tinnitus 8 years ago. Most likely ‘stress’ related. So after some time its been gone. Comes back occasionally but this is just a sign of keeping balance with sports, fresh air and less keeping the mind busy. Listen to your body and take a break :wink: … Noise and other background sound help to blend over. But ultimately you have to train your brain to calm down again

As long as I keep the computer on, it’s fine. Fan noise cancels it out. It’s not loud, but it’s there.

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