Timing Quantizer

I had a Max4Live device that quantized incoming midi notes to a chosen timescale 1/16th etc. Was wondering if there was a similar thing in VcV at all? I tried using an And logic module to combine midi gate signals and a divided clock but that ended top with ratcheted notes.

Anyone aware of something that might work?


You could use two modules, one to convert the gate to a trigger and then another to convert that trigger to a gate of a length which you can manually set.

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ShapeMaster Pro in Sync mode with lock on quantises incoming triggers.

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I think Vult Flux can do this. Put your 16 or 32 clock into the CLK input, and your CV into the IN, and you’ll only get an output when there’s a clock signal present. Actually I’ve just read the rest of the thread, and Trigger Buffer may be a better solution. Let us know!


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Yes, this solutions works much like the Max4Live device in use. So thanks. Gates from the Midi Gate inputs are aligned with the incoming clock pulses but keep there gate length. Nice one