Timewarp 2600 hosted by Rack

If you ever registered something with AkaiPro (i.e. I have an APC Mini, APC40, you might have one of their MPCs, etc) they just sent an e-mail about getting the Timewarp 2600 VST for $10. So I jumped on that.

It is a Skeumorphic interface - and it doesn’t work nearly as well as VCVRack in terms of patching - but it does sound like a 2600.


It might be an antique VST wise, with a tiny interface, but I have always thought that this has a really nice filter, bubbling and non-linear. It had the Perlman endorsement too.

Definitely livelier than the Arturia version; that one always seemed muffled-sounding, somehow.

Yeah. I have 2 displays so I put the Timewarp 2600 on one monitor and Rack on the other, then change the display resolution on the 2600 display so I can read the interface.

That plugin has a weird history too, I can’t figure out which company actually sells it. To authorize I went to wayoutware.com but when I asked for installation support (from AkaiPro through which I got the silly deal) they referred me to Sonivox, who said “did you authorize this through ILok?” – the auth actually was challenge/response which the Wayoutware people eventually sorted for me…

I’m getting the impression that I’m not the only Rack user for whom acquiring more and more VSTs is a disease :wink:

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