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The tick of the clock

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How much time do you typically spend with a patch? Do you set a time limit or do you build into infinity?

Prolific or Magnum Opus; how do you spend your currency of time?


Most of the time, i spend around 1h making the patch, then i come back to it the next day, and i spend around 30 min preparing the performance and rehearsing for recording :slight_smile: Also sometimes i make Generative patches to listen while reviewing university stuff, and these i sometimes add and remove things on the go so they don’t become boring, and these can take me weeks with all the changes i make !


I usually get an idea, either from:

  • doodling on iphone apps, guitar or some other instrument
  • some VCV-tutorial
  • occasionally some music I listen to

On VCV it takes usually an hour to make the basis for the patch, after which I usually leave it for a day or two, sometimes a week (note: music is just a hobby for me). After that

  • I am adding
  • And subtracting
  • I’m controlling
  • And composing

For two to three hours, including recording.


Time spent evolves over time :wink:

Sometime’s i’ll fall into the proverbial rabbit hole trying to chase an elusive sound or mood. When you’re working with loops you often get caught in one and all of a sudden hours have passed :slight_smile:


I can spend literally hours tweaking knobs to get the sound I want…that’s the part that take the most of my time.

then I just need to be inspired, the rest is a blink


I’ve been trying something new.

A perfectionist by nature (I’m working on that BTW) typically I would get lost in creation until I noticed the time had slipped into the wee hours of the morning which left me scampering to document my “progress” like a vamp anticipating the rising sun. Then came VCV.

Now I can easily switch between exploration/learning, save it, then open up the Mother. Ya know, the one that gave birth to it all, the kombucha, it just keeps growing.

I can then apply newly learned techniques to this kombucha Mother patch. Essentially giving me a sandbox to learn in and a garden to grow.

I set a timer for my time playing in the sand and then if there was anything worth saving when the timer expires, I’ll take a screen shot and reproduce that. If not, I let the tide wash it away and try again tomorrow but always with the aim of improving that Mother patch.

I’ve read about a popular sound designer who practices their sounds/ideas on one wall and keeps an on going patch on the other. While that sounds devine, I have not the space nor the resource for that large of an endeavor.

So I VCV, and appreciate every minute of it.

Now if I could figure out how to save chunks of patches to be reused…


You can use Strip from @stoermelder for that :wink:


If time where in fact currency… I JUST GOT A PROMOTION!

time to write that post = 12min

time saved by not having to recreate each chunk every time = priceless

Life just got easier. Thanks