Tides 2

(Paul Piko) #1

Looking forward to trying out Tides 2 in VCV Rack (in preview now) :slight_smile: Thanks Andrew and Emilie.


(Paul Piko) #2

(Paul Piko) #3

A quick try of โ€œchordsโ€ mode

(Adi Quinn) #4

YES!! thank you Andrew & Emilie for Tides 2! And thanks for posting these links Paul! Oh, the fun to be had!

(Paul Piko) #5

I have had a few times where changing the mode in Tides 2 has ended VCV Rack, without any message. Not sure of the exact circumstances yet. Running Win10Pro.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #6

Cool! Looking forward to playing with that.

(Soothsayers) #8

what a gift to the scene!

(Erik Van Wees) #9

Similar here @PaulPiko, Win10 and also rcomian Rack version โ€ฆ dunno