Thread topics should only be questions, ideas, or announcements

On 1-pole high pass filter in Lua with VCV Prototype I realized that all topics (meaning the first post on a thread) on this forum should be questions, and responses in a thread should be answers or discussions to eventually obtain an answer. In other words, if a question is defined as a level 1 post and responses to that question are level 0 posts, there should be no level 2 or higher threads, so that the forum index only lists level 1 posts. In other words, no “thread for asking questions” threads.

A thread represents a “discussion”. A discussion begins by someone asking a question or announcing something. If someone says “Does anyone have any questions about XYZ?”, that’s not the beginning of a discussion but many discussions. The reason these “multi-discussions” are bad is that everyone needs to be in the same room when it begins and stay in the room the entire time. This is virtually impossible on the internet because everyone is walking in and out of (virtual) rooms. It’s best to isolate questions to their own thread so that new visitors can join the discussion by only reading the question at hand and its past answers and discussion.


Noted. Thanks for the redirection, @Vortico.

Maybe this should be added to all sticked posts about category rules, and/or given more visibility in general?

In case, I will add that the room metaphor seems easier to understand for an average person than the level1-level2 approach.