This patch crashes on me. Every time.

Hello rackheadz… I am in deep troubles with this patch. machine_background.vcv (48.2 KB) Every time I load it, if I load some other plugin, if I try to quit, if I try to revert it, VCV just crash.

Every time.

And it happens with just this one but I don’t know why.

I have attached the log file, hoping someone could be able to figure out what’s going on here… log.txt (44.6 KB)

Thanks in advance to anyone will be able to explain me something useful…

I loaded the patch and it’s not crashing on my end (Windows 10). I had to make a small change to the patch file since I think the Mb module from Stoermelder was moved from pack-tau to pack-1, so I made this change to lines 1940 and 1941:


      "plugin": "Stoermelder-PackTau",
      "version": "1.0.f37530d",


      "plugin": "Stoermelder-P1",
      "version": "1.9.0",

Perhaps you have an old pack-tau installed, where the Mb module is defined, and then you updated pack-1, and now Mb is in there also, and this is causing the conflict? Not sure, just taking a shot at someting in case it can lead you to the problem.


It’s crashing (acutally asserting) in some rack code that isn’t happy. I would ask @stoermelder since a) he knows a bunch of stuff and b) his plugin seemed to be loading at the time. Could just be coincidence.


Thank you for the suggestion! I’ve checked the \Documents\Rack\plugins-v1 directory and I see that I have them both, Stoermelder-P1 and Stoermelder-PackTau. Now, if I have understood it correctly, it could be safe to delete Stoermelder-PackTau OR make a mass batch replace work to ensure all my patches read from Stoermelder-P1 (that’s not difficult at all given the right tools…)

I think reason a) will suffice… :wink: Thank you too for the hint!

The mass batch replacement worked fine! :star_struck: :+1:

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I’m glad it worked out for you!
Unfortunately the first version of PackTau which included MB was prone for crashes when used the same time as MB from PackOne.

I am glad as well! :wink: So, having Stoermelder-P1 and Stoermelder-PackTau is it safe to delete the PackTau after a mass batch replace on all my patches?