things getting serious up in here

I imagine some people have to chain Mixmasters to accomodate all their sounds. I’m usually a less is more kind of person, but this one is turning into something complicated


Lol, that desperately makes me want to color code your cables.

It’s not a patch until I don’t know what everything does and I’m not sure where some of the sounds are coming from.

rough mix, like first take, including a spot where I hit solo when I meant mute.

I throw a LOT of stuff into the mix and yet I feel pretty happy with how it sounds.

There’s some kalimba I recorded and then chopped. There’s a contact microphone on a Stanley Water Bottle where I recorded the sound of the water and ice hitting the side. There’s a civil defense siren I recorded during a tornado watch.


That’s how we differ. I don’t care. I just try and label the tracks as I go and don’t worry too much about sounds once I’m happy with them. I literally don’t know how some of my older patches make the sounds they do. I mean I understand enough of how it’s put together that even if I lose the plot a bit I can make recordings with it.


A full mixmaster!! That’s how I do it!

It’s just missing all the volume CVs coming from PGMR.

I just wish you could type any length track name and expand it as needed sometimes. Otherwise it’s my most favorite piece in the rack, a hub of synth fun.