Theremin type controller for Trautonium modules

Hello good people, Once again I am pestering you all about: A ‘Theremin’ style controller for Trautonium in VCV Rack. I have constructed a Trautonium synth voice from schematics from Doepfer modules. Only thing I am stuck on is the wire controller, any ideas about what modules I could use to achieve that. here’s a link to a YouTube video:

Using ribbon controller as a Theremin style scale generator and vibrato?

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Using the gamepad MIDI driver of one of the VCV or stoermelder MIDI modules to capture X &/or Y movements of the joystick seems like a good place to start for this.

Thanks for the fast answer, but I have not got an Gamepad Joystick. I have added a Vibrato module controlled by Impromptu Tact 1 [Thanks to Worker 13 for that good idea]. But I’m looking for a a way of controlling my version similar to the Trautonik video. Not even sure that is feasible. Anyone know how to create a Theremin style device in VCV Rack?

Voxglitch and JW modules both have XY Pad modules, if the Tact isn’t sufficient. I guess I’m not clear on what parts you have sorted and what you’re still lacking.

I will save the patch to Patchstorage, so you can have a look, would that be better? I have the main body of the synth done, just trying to figure out the wire controller on the video, not sure if it’s even possible!

Trautonium Tact 1 controllers | Patchstorage

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nysthi::vectormixer too with recording capabilities too


Thanks, So would the Vector mixer control/change the pitch? I am a little confused about what I am trying to achieve, the video shows how a Trautonium sound can be manipulated using the wire contact controller. Maybe I’m being too ambitious or pedantic.

Are you thinking about a virtual ribbon controller that is driven by the mouse pointer?

That sounds about it, does/can that be implemented in Rack? Any suggestions?

Here are 2 modules that capture the horizontal and the vertical movements of the mouse pointer.

You will need to subtract -5 Volts on the x-axis to reach low pitches. The y-axis can be used to modulate volume or filter cutoff or whatever you like.

Bu I recommend bying a dedicated hardware like the Doepfer Ribbon Controller A-198 or the Linnstrument Linnstrument or the Haken Audio Continuum

Thank you, I will have a look and try those 2 modules. Looking at the prices, I may not be buying any of the hardware any time soon.

Here’s a DIY solution:

Now that’s more my price range and capability, but how would you connect that to VCV Rack, no physical modules here! I’m a tight, cheap kind of guy! So if I can use the modules 1st and then mutilate a VHS tape if need be.

Maybe touchOSC | TouchOSC fits into your budget. I think it costs less than $10 and requires a touch-device (Android or iOS).

Yup that looks good but would it work on a laptop with no touch capability. Probably not. But thanks for all these options, it is something to consider. Android touchscreen tablet [?] would work though with Touch Osc, something to consider. Much appreciated, thanks for your time.