The Worst Random Autochord

This thing is halfway to a trainwreck and frankly, I love how dumb it really is. I don’t know what possessed me to create this monstrosity. If I can either improve or further butcher this in any way, please let me know (still new to VCV), I’ll take any advice in either direction to heart.

SO. Here’s how it works.

We have a clocked random CV generator running into the “Chord” and “Row” inputs of a CV Funk Strings. This creates a random chord every 3rd beat.

From here, each CV output of Strings gets run through one of two SickoQuant4’s, with the key being oscillated by a CV Funk HexMod, with the “Nodes” modulated by a clocked Bogaudio LFO in slow mode. I’ve found it helps smooth some of the more jarring chord changes. We use the same HexMod out to modulate both quantizers for consistency, as well as the trigger out of the Strings module to, you guessed it, trigger the quantizers.

We then follow the CV’s out of the quantizers into a Super Arpeggiator via a Polly Merge, as well as taking the same gate output from the Strings that we used before through a VCV Crack DGate, THEN into the Arpeggiator. This lets it stay open long enough to run the Arpeggiator. Run the fastest clock into the Arpeggiator and fiddle with the DGate until it stays open for 4 loops.

Nice and easy from here, just run the V/Oct Out into your VCO of choice, I like Geodesics’ Energy, and the Gate Out into an ADSR. Grab your VCA, run the out of your VCO into the VCA In, the out of your ADSR into the CV input, and then out to your mixer.

Add a Chronoblob or something of the like if ya feel like it, and there it is. The worlds worst and most needlessly overdone random autochord!

Heres the file for any of y’all who want a playdate with the spaghetti monster that is this patch :]

Autochord.vcv (5.2 KB)

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I love spaghetti.

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