The RadioPhonic Synth, from AJH for Hans Zimmer

The original Moog sound is what I fell in love with and it occupies a place closest to my heart. AJH has been the “spiritual caretaker” of that sound for years in Eurorack (I have the filter).

Hans Zimmer commissioned this new system from him…

Accept no substitute, this is the real deal.

The full piece is this beautiful tribute to the late Klaus Schulze, made on the MiniMod system.

The performer is the eminent Wayne Taylor (DreamsOfWires/Tomorrow the cure) and he has tons of great performances on his YouTube channel.


Wow that’s a beast and I want one :heart_eyes:

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You can get a cheaper starting point, to get in on the magic…

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In the flesh, by its designer, the great AJH:

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Saw the SoS video on this. A limited number will be available for a very reasonable £15k…

I guess Hans is finding that those virtual analogs aren’t cutting it :wink:

The AJH modules sound incredible on YouTube; I can imagine they’re a hell of a lot better in person. I have long craved the oscillator and phaser and … well, this whole system would be lovely :slight_smile: I can imagine your filter sounds great.

I keep wondering if Moog Audio are going to jump in at some point. Behringer has proven it can be done.

I can’t help thinking that just as Don would be turning in his grave about 4U->3U, Bob would have thought the same about 5U->3U though. When you see the size of his 5U, I can understand why Hans is prepared to compromise, because I am sure the sound is magical.

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