The power of stages (eurorack video)


i would think some of you (@Omri_Cohen, @LarsBjerregaard) probably follow Comparative Irrelevance already, and if not, you should totally do so! his 3 module challenge is very interesting.

the rhythms coming out of stages here are just delicious, and such a great combo with plaits and rings!

(Lars Bjerregaard) #2

Indeed Ben, and thanks. I’m subscribed already, and it’s a great resource!
That patch in the video is quite creative and the result is amazing. Stages is such a deep module, and it’s slippery to grasp all it’s functions. I reckon it can do at least 10 different things, and although I took a dive into it I definately only scratched the surface. If I ever build a physical rack I’m pretty sure it’ll be in there.

(Omri Cohen) #3

Oh yes, a long time subscriber here :slight_smile: Thanks!

(Dave Phillips) #4

Yep, great stuff there. I made some VCV Rack patches for my own purposes a la the 3 Module Challenges, it’s a great way to really explore a small set of components. Highly recommended.