the (most probably) smallest vcvrack installation :)

i just managed to get my linux arm build of vcvrack running on an old and slow amazon fire 7 tablet from 2015 on which i’m running a linux system instead of the usual android … it runs stable without hickups with smaller patches (at a sample rate of 22.05khz) - the internal speaker is not supported so the output is via usb audio adapter - the touch screen is working, but as it is quite tiny (7 inch only) and vcvrack is not too well useable with a touch screen i’m using it with a usb keyboard and mouse … of course this setup is nothing one wants to use for real stuff, but i was surprised that it was possible to get it working with such low end hardware at all … for me it was just some kind of a proof of concept, that those old tablets are sometimes still useable for some things thanks to open sourse software :slight_smile:

there is another proof of concept i’m currently working on and which looks quite promising so far and that is to run open-stage-control on this tablet and this way converting it into a cheap and very flexible osc controller instead of throwing it into the e-waste bin soon … the idea is to connect it via a regular usb cable and use usb networking to make it availabe as osc controller on a regular computer running for instance vcvrack with its wonderful oscelot module … i’ll keep you updated once i have something enduser ready working

best wishes - hexdump


Kewl… Rack V2 is supposed to support running in headless mode, that might be interesting to explore, dunno.

@LarsBjerregaard i have that on my radar for my sonaremin project, but i prefer to wait until v2 has settled a bit before looking deeper into this topic

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