The module I created doesn't show in Rack's Module Browser

hi, i’m getting started with rack modules developing but i have a few problems. i’m running win 10. i’ve already successfully built rack, and i created a plugin and a module using

the path of my plugin is:


the first issue was needing to copy inside the plugin folder (plugins/nzfs/ in this case) to be able to run the createmodule command (that’s not really a problem, but i’ve seen it’s possible to run just by specifying the path where it is, but i couldn’t make it work that way)

the real problem i have is that after creating the plugin and the module and compiling, when i run vcv rack the module i created doesn’t show up:

rack is recognizing a madule insede the brand, shouldn’t i see it? i’m using the panel provided as an exampel in the manual (MyModule.svg)

thank you

Hi @nzfs welcome to the forum. Having a look at your post above you mention the need to copy the helper script

From the folder D:\rack\dev\Rack\plugins\nzfs you should be able to run the helper script without copying it.

../../ createmodule MyModuleName.

As for the modules not showing up, my common mistake is not copying the svg file into the res folder, although it could be one of many things.

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hi, thanks for your answer.

the svg is in the res folder, and i declared the module in the .cpp and .h file

edit: i misspelled the name of the .svg (yeah, really stupid mistake i didn’t notice). I just changed it in MyModule.cpp and now works. thank you