The Gameboy I wish I had as a child - Dirtywave M8 Tracker

I just found out about this beauty

It literally has everything I would want inside, is built with metal, has FM synths, sampling, export, midi in/out, audio in/out, user-replaceable battery, is open source, and the firmware regularly gets massive updates from what I can see in the Discord.

Being familiar with the tracker environment, the fact I could just do music everywhere, and once I’m home, I could either sample, export wavs or use midi to expand my ideas to the computer world is so amazing.

Currently the new batch relies on gas prices to get chips without spending a liver on shipping rates, but the dev hopes they can take new orders this winter

Some music :



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Yeah, right? Saw this some time ago via RedMeansRecording, I think.


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Here’s a tutorial for DIY: