The Fundamental modules are really good.

They may be a little “meat and potatoes” but they do what they do really well. Extremely low CPU usage extremely high audio quality. I’m always impressed when I look at these, and take a peek under the hood.


They may be a little “meat and potatoes”

That’s ok; most of my patching is bread and butter stuff for keyboard play; i.e. meat and potatoes.

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Is what dragged me to VCV Rack: I’ve installed it after reading that article in august 2017 with the idea of removing immediatly.

But I was surprised by the quality! Was not the classic YAVAMS (yet another virtual analog modular synth) ! @Vortico dragged me in… (at least for a long time, now I have a lot less time available with continuity, and I need continuity to develop)


@Squinky - Agree++. I think the best way for beginners to get into VCV Rack is by mastering the Fundamental modules. I’m sure other modules could be used but the Fundamental set has breadth of application plus consistent GUIs. Most truly fundamental principles of modular synthesis can be learned by using only those modules, many of which remain in daily use here at Studio D. Much like @synthi I started using VCV Rack in the Fall of 2017, and I’m still finding interesting things to do with the first modules I tried to use.