The CI system [SIM topic introduced it]

I like it, and I hate it :smiley:

Building local linux ok KRTPluginJ experimental (very unfinished module).

The CI so far:

  • linux: no package premake4 a try premake5 total build implies a need for package uuid-dev maybe more …
  • macos: can get it to build with a premake4 hack (someone made a nice repo), but it doesn’t like the efsw lua scipt for 5. Prefabs won’t like this. Seems getting a 4 for mac is easy-ish but no linux availability made me try a full repo clone build of 5.
  • windows: some hacking and finding a resource compiler (needing an external too build … blah, blah), combined die when linux build fails (on a later stage) keeps me from the error knowledge. Although it likely has made it easier to port j from to MinGW.

I do like it though. It’s very factual. :smiley:

Compliments to qno who.

EDIT: not sure if it’s public.