The best tablet for LOW LATENCY OSC/MIDI surface control

Hello guys!

I’m digging apps like LK by imaginando, TOUCHOSC and similar for controlling Ableton live sets and mapping modules on VCVrack. I have a 10 inches Lenovo tablet with quad 1.4gHz processor. Through usb I get 30ms latency, which is fine for knobs and faders but not actually usable for fingerdrumming and playing keys.

I tried the same configuration with a octacore 1.8gHz phone and I get 26-27ms of latency.

I’m by no means an IT guy, so I’m asking you what are the factors that contribute to the overall latency apart from audio interface driver and sample rate.

Is touchscreen LATENCY a thing ?

I would love to get a larger tablet that allows me to go below 15ms, ideally to 5 or 6ms.

What should I look for ? Faster processor? Usb-c connector? Better display?

Hoping that You guys can help me figure out this thing, I send you my best wishes :slight_smile:

the touchscreen is definitely a thing for input lag. I’ve been lucky with ~50ms on the iPhone 5/6. Because most other displays had more touch response lag. On thing is the display technology itself the other how the OS deals with sample rate and latency for recognizing touch/multitouch gestures. For example

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