The 4017

Just wonderin’ what you guys use to build your step sequencers on a physical workbench?

Seems like I’ve been using the 4017 just because it’s easy. It’s right there and can work with it on auto-pilot. But I’m positive there’s got to be a better discreet IC.

you’d think it would be easy just look around posts and what not- but there’s a lot of echo involved. It seems like once you’ve entered 4017 into google - that’s all you get lol.

When you’re makin’ home-made sequencers, what components are your favorite?

Next rant topic: Mr 555 4017_Pinout-white

CD4017 pdf, CD4017 Description, CD4017 Datasheet, CD4017 view ::: ALLDATASHEET :::

The 4017 is basis of the Baby 10 DIY sequencer project because of its simplicity. Other options are counters like the 4022 coupled with mickey mouse logic or a binary decoder to decode the output steps. Have a look at Ray Wilsons MFOS pages for some inspiration. There’s a lot of info on this stuff on the electro-music and modwiggler forums too.

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Outstanding, thanks bud!

Was browsing around Music From Outer Spaces site there and got a little side tracked…^.^ I’m checkin’ out the 16 step with random. great documentation. thanks for pointing the way.

Music From Outer Space - Your Synth-DIY Headquarters

PS: Just want to say thanks for making my favorite VCV Rack Sequencer (and those other modules). it really helps pull everything together for me. wouldn’t be the same without it.

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I’m building an Ornament and crime (actually 2) - uses the Teensy 3.2 microcontroller.

I’m also working on a multifunction module using the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Also, there’s the Gizmo: didn’t build that one yet - it uses Arduino Uno or Mega.

Doepfer Dark Time uses the PIC18F4550P

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I used to use a 4066 to select analog voltages. Driven from a counter.

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