That iPad in the picture

In one of the pictures at the vcv site, you see a Mac with two monitors and an iPad. Lately, I’ve seen this setup a lot. For instance, JunkieXL has a big screen with keys for quickly controlling Cubase in front of him. My question: How is this connected to the computer, and what software is running on it?

If you’re referring to a picture where there’s some round blue and red goodness on iPad - that’s a Patterning 1 or 2 app, which is a midi and audio sequencer, which can be used with VCV and eurorack in many different ways.

You can connect it via wi-fi or bluetooth, but probably the most reliable way is too have some kind of midi interface for iPad and another for Mac, and connect the two with a midi cable.

There’s also a range of iConnect devices, but I have no experience with them.

Or you can connect iPad to ES-8 and load gate samples instead of drums, and use it with modular.

Also you can simply sync VCV and Patterning 2 via Ableton Link, and just record the iPad headphone jack output into your audio interface)

So it’s not the same setup Junkie XL uses.

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Not sure about the specific photo/app, but there are all kinds of remote control apps on iPad that can be used with various DAWs or audio application for various tasks. For instance, there are DAW control apps for Cubase and Studio One (probably others). Another is TouchOSC, which allows you to create custom MIDI controllers. In fact, I just setup a TouchOSC template last night for controlling Zebra2’s 4 XY pads and it worked great. They connect by either being on the same network (WiFi) or by being hard-wired into the PC. Lots of apps for both Mac and PC.

For connecting an ipad, you can simply use a Lightning-to-USB C cable. Using Inter-Device Audio & MIDI (IDAM) makes the internal connection pretty easy. Then you can use any cool sequencers like Arpeggionome Pro, Fugue Machine, Aphelian, etc. to drive VCV Rack.

I believe those particular 2 Macs and iPad are connected by an iConnect Midi 4+ which is hidden out of sight under the desk :wink: