Text editors

Instead of using regular Notepad, I highly recommend Notepad++


My favourite editor: https://www.sublimetext.com/


+1 for SublimeText , has been my main editor for years


Yes, the world is divided between users of Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code. They are both excellent. Only one is free, however.

And re:old school. There are no old school text editors that do syntax highlighting for JSON, you need a programmer’s editor for that. All the ones mentioned above are trivially easy to use for this. file open / type / save.

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i keep switching between vim (talk about old school…) and atom, both of which are free and open source, just like vcv rack :grinning:

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Just had a quick look at Code, so far so impressed, thanks.

emacs. steep learning curve. does everything, once you learn how.


same here ! I’m at university, and i tend to have a very terminal oriented workflow, where vim is my editor. However, for big projets with tons of libraries i gotta keep going to, or when i correct code after compilation, i use a terminal on one side of the screen, a tiny firefox window under, and the rest of the screen is an instance of atom with all the .c and .h files open :slight_smile:

TLDR: Young student here, uses Vim and Atom like Ablaut :smile:

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Xcode and visual studio code on mac
VSC on win


I prefer VS Code Insiders on Mac. MacDown is excellent for writing markdown content.

Now that I think about it the editor i used to use a lot with Python was whatever came free with Ruby at the time (many years ago now).

I use one of the markdown plugins in vs code. It’s not the best thing in the world, but T-shirt good enough for me.

Loving VS Code now :slight_smile: Just add the rack sdk directory and all of a sudden auto-complete everything / lookup definitions etc etc I used the pro VS for many years but that was a loooong time ago, good to have intellisense back and better than I remember it. Any tips from seasoned users welcome.


Tried to get into (neo)vim on a number of occasions. Settled on VSCode a couple years ago and use it for everything (write grants for work). I’m interested in the browser implementation MS is working on, haven’t checked in on the project in a while.

How do you do that Ewen? Sorry if it’s a dumb question.

Notepad++ is nice, but for a text editor alone VSC is way nice/better. VSC is also a pretty good IDE but not my preferred IDE.

I agree, it seems better, and it sure it lighter and faster.

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Was a while ago, I think it was as simple as adding your Rack-SDK directory to folders in your code-workspace file, there may’ve been more to it, can’t remember :

	"folders": [
			"path": "."
			"path": "/home/ewen/Rack-SDK"

This guide on setting up debugging includes the steps for configuring intellisense:

From this thread:

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