Testing some modules

This is a test I did using the Venom Rhythm Explorer (a very nice module) and some Befaco mods that I hadn’t used before. I used the Befaco Noise Plethora for most of the percussion sounds except for the kick which was generated by my favorite, Vult Knock. This was an improv that I did over the weekend. I hope someone enjoys this.https://youtu.be/RgWIPh2qPX8


How can I not enjoy seeing my Rhythm Explorer being put to good use!

FYI - The way you have the Bar and Phrase values configured, your “pattern” takes 48 1/4 notes before it repeats. I doubt you can perceive a repeating rhythmic pattern that long - I certainly can’t. Of course activating the Dice doesn’t serve much purpose if you can’t perceive the pattern.

I don’t think you would notice any change if you activated the PAT OFF button in the lower left, which would disable the random reset so there is no repeating pattern - it would be continuously random.

I think a “typical” length for easily recognized repeating patterns would be between 4 to 16 1/4 notes long - say 1 to 4 bars of 4/4 time.

But for your patch, it is not a problem - it sounds cool as it is.