Tact Controlled Synth voice

Hello again, another simple patch using 5 Impromptu Tact Modules to change/control FM and PWM on Squinky’s EV3 synth module. One of them is also controlling a Phaser module from AS and the last is playing around with Chronoblob Delay. Influenced by Olivier Grall’s The Grallophone on YouTube. So far I have produced Brass sounds and weird modulations. Anyone got any further ideas how to expand the possibilities? Filters controlled by Tact, other FXs. All crazy ideas considered.

Tact controlled Brass in Tact controlled Synth voice (soundcloud.com)

Tact ‘Controlled’ synth voice | Patchstorage

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EV-3 doesn’t have a ton of creative control. You could use the sync on VCO 2 and 3 and modulate their base pitch, also. But you really might want to try to use a different VCO with more creative possibilities. Off-hand Chebyshev especially, and also Kitchen Sink might be more fun (and of course modules from other devs! I just happen to know mine best).

AS is solid, but basic Phaser. FW’s Just a Phase offers more possibilities. Frequency Domain Modules offer some nice sound design capabilities…

Thanks Eric, I will further experiment with Freq Domain and your Phaser, so what wonders I can achieve. So which would you recommend-Dancing around the Box certainly looks promising, any others?

Thanks Squinky Sir, Cheby and Kitchen Sink are going to be my sonic victims next. Mwaaahhaa! I’ll do a series of different Oscillators and see what damage I can cause!

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Instruō Cš-L

lots of CV-controlled modulation options and capable of xtreme.damage™

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Thanks Markus, that 's another added to the Impromptu Tact Oscillator list, any Fxs ideas?


If you want an oscillator with a lot of cv the Terrorform from Valley is very adaptable. It’s a wavetable FM operator with sync controls but it sound groovey on it’s own.

or Ball of Confusion - a true spherical wavetable oscillator with lots of CV too :wink:

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Thanks once again, so would that work with the Impromptu Tact module, only way is to experiment! Love messing up sound! Do u have any Glitch audio modules btw?

not really Glitch, but the Frequency Domain: Freudian Slip and Grains of Wrath can do some very strange things to samples

Thanks, Freudian Slip, not used that one so often! Will try that one, also Quantussy ring and PLL were mentioned in a Glitch audio thread from 2019 on here. Last time I tried PLL I was confused by what it actually does. Any audio examples would be appreciated.

It is based on Doepfer’s Phase Locked Loop module - should be some youtube examples of that out there :slight_smile:

Just been messing with the PLL module, got some nice drum/gong sounds out of it using Nysthi Jooper. Only used one module so far. I’ll have a look at Doepfer’s Phase Locked Loop. There was a whole VCP contest on the module -VCP#30 so people have used it successfully!

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Dammit i was just about to say VCP-30!

Yer I saw that you had used PLL for VCP30 so it must have been a good module sound wise. I have harvested some of the entries. So I’ll see how how you abused it!

I just listened back to that old patch and it’s…not so fantastic. There’s quite a bit of clipping that shouldn’t be there (though sometimes it’s hard to tell). It’s from the dark times before Mindmeld.

I found VCV Rack in 2020 during the 1st UK Lockdown in version 1, so all the good Mindmeld mixer had been developed by then. I keep creating errrm ‘music’ every day now! I maybe addicted, is there a withdrawal program?

There is no escape.

But the soundtrack is very good.

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