T-network filter modules?


I am curious about T-network lately. Are there modules in VCV rack for that where you can ping it with a trigger or feed audio into it?

I see there are ADDAC104 / NLC Bong0 in eurorack, but can’t find anything similar in VCV Rack.

What is there difference between using a T-network filter than pinging a VC filter with short envelope? Seemingly the result is similar, just a VC filter have a more elaborate structure to be voltage controllable?

Please let me know. Thanks!

A T-network essentially is just a pinged filter in the context of most of its uses. There isn’t a direct replica, per se, but the Vult Trummor module emulates XOX components including the shaped T-network “oscillators” in the XOX machines. You can’t run audio through it, but it sounds pretty Roland-y.

In addition to what @officialdjglitch mentions, the VCV Drums modules are based on the circuits of the 808 and 909 which use a lot of T-network filters. The Rim module is tweaked so the filter can be tuned and provides different exciters. It is not an individual filter but it can give you an idea of the range of sounds that can be produced.

Good timing as I just bought a used ADDAC 103 off Reverb. Mainly to provide some classic 808/909 Tom style percussion, but the ability to pass audio through intrigues me.

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Ooh the 103/104 look super intruiging, must. resist. GAS…

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I feel your pain, Black Friday thru Xmas is the GAS season.