Synthikat's latest Ambient Songs

In this patch I´ve used Kontakt within the Host Module as my main soundsource. The gates are coming from Stable16 are merged to a poly cable and then send to Host. The notes are generated by fixed voltages thru Quantum (that is transposed by ADDR Seq) and two of them changed before the quantizer via Fate. The audio is then send to Plateau and Simpliciter that grabs some random pieces of audio, reverse stop rewind… them. Its then feed into Supercell in resonestor mode. I recorded the signals seperatly with the help of the Polyrecorder from NYSTHI and mixed them in Cubase with the help of binaural spatialiser/3D panner VST (DearVRMicro from Sennheiser). You should hear the positions of the individual sounds in a 3D environment if you listen with headphones. The Sample Kit inside Kontak is a instrument I made by recording some kitchen metal bowls. I call it Bowlophone. I will upload the patch and the Kontakt Instrument as a special gift on christmas on my patreon page.

I wish you all some relaxing offdays with your beloved music equipment and your family :slight_smile:


Very nice! I love the reverses. The instrument sounds so good, I think I might have to look into getting Kontakt working on linux.

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I like the way you use polymeter to create melodies.

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