Synplant 2?

Anyone else take the plunge? There’s a 3 week trial version if you want to give it a go.

It’s really, really bad at predictable. It’s impossible to have a sound in your head and make Synplant 2 create it. It’s SUPER easy to make something that sounds cool that you have no idea how it happened that way.

Pure madness. And a great pairing with VCV Rack if you own Host. Some of the sounds Synplant 2 comes up with are like a chaotic 30 module Rack patch. And using Host you can modulate paramaters in Synplant2 for even crazier results.

Here’s a jam with 2 Synplant2 in VCV host, kick, clap, and delay. When you set the Mod Wheel to change the ‘growth’ parameter, it modifies the sound in ways that are NOTHING like what the usual synth knob changes sound. It’s like it mutates in 7 directions at once.