Syncing Volcas with VCV Rack

Hi guys! I think about integrating a korg volca into my vcv rack projects.The question is can I sync the volca with vcv through a behringer usb mixer or should i go with a audio card? Thanks in advance:)

if your volca can send and/or receive clock via midi you need an interface, a very cheap one like this will do the job

you can find a second hand for 5 bucks or new for 15/20

I think it’s the easiest way to do it

Are you just wanting to sync the clock or actually drive the volca with VCV? The volca can’t send anything over midi unless you have the mod kit, so you’ll have to slave your volca to VCV.

From my experiments, the volcas are fine with pitch and gate from VCV (although some modules work better than others over CV-MIDI). However, I’ve found that it’s harder to sync clock over midi, and I’d be interested to know if you manage to do it from Rack. The only way I’ve been able to do it is through internal midi routing from Ableton into VCV -> clock/n into clock divider- > clock into volcas. If I try and sync the volca to a clock source from within Rack I get some very weird results.

Ive managed to use my volca bass as a clock source in vcv over audio, dont know how good it is for the interface though. You can take the sync out of the volca and send it through a spare input on the soundcard and route that as your clock in vcv. I used ML modules bpm tools, with smooth turned up, to tidy up the signal. Probably meant to use a DC coupled interface for this type of stuff, but it does work. There’s no start sync and starting the volca seems to mess with the sync signal so i usually run it muted until needed

I didn’t manage to properly sync my Volcas and VCV, so I just play them as sound modules. Same interface suggested by @ale47p + the native VCV CV-MIDI module. If you have a Volca FM, don’t miss the unofficial 1.09 firmware. Together with the free Dexed synth and the native VCV CV-CC module, it allows you to modulate all the parameters of the 6 oscillators.