Syncing TD-3 w/ VCV Rack

I’ve tried MIDI both ways… no success in getting it working right.

I am now trying the audio output of internal sound card on motherboard to “sync in” into the Td-3 and that doesn’t work as well.

I have no clue what I’m supposed to do.

If I install ableton can that be the clock to drive both VcV Rack as well as midi instruments to keep things in sync?

If you have access to the v0.6 Rack libraries you can use the Bridge dll in there to communicate between Ableton and VCV Rack

You can set up a clock pulse in Ableton (basically a looped square wave a beat long at the Ableton BPM) and pass that through to VCV Rack,

I just got a TD-3 at the weekend, it’s tremendous fun. Not used it with VCV Rack yet, but sure I will at some point.

I’m going to be getting an MPC One in the mail in a few days. It has 8 cv/gate outs. What is the best way for me to control the VCV clock with the MPC One? Do I need to buy an interface such as ES-8 or ES-9, or can I use an audio input on sound card? (I have some spare inuputs).

Hi Jennifer. See if anything in this post helps you. And a reminder that in Rack v2 MIDI sync will be much better.

You don’t need a DC coupled interface like ES just to send clock/sync. Clock/Sync pulse is just audio.

You only need DC coupled interface if you want to send CV.

I just read the Behringer TD-3 manual and it says “Sync In” needs 2.5V or greater for the clock. Does the audio card output that voltage requirement? Does it need to be offset, or pulse width modified? I know the TD-3 works well with Volca Beats sync out to the TD-3 sync in (1/8" jacks).

This is for syncing the TD-3 to VCV clock right? - I guess that depends on your audio card - best thing is to try it and see. It will probably work but if it doesn’t you will need a little pre-amp to boost the signal level. Bastl made a device called the Klik for exactly this but it was recently discontinued so not sure what best option is for that now.

Should not need to be offset. If you are using Clocked as your master clock in VCV you can easily modify the pulse width if required - again best to just try it and see.

So yeah, as I mentioned in the comment on YouTube, try adjusting the pulse width on Clocked itself. Maybe gates are too much for the TD-3 to handle. Try also using only one Audio module, preferably with your USB interface, and see if it works. When you get the MPC, you can send the clock from there to VCV and also to the TD-3. If it doesn’t have a dedicated clock output, you can use one gate channel for this.

Hello, i know this topic is old, but i was facing the same problem and i fix it :slight_smile:

For using VCV-Rack as a master clock for the TD3

In the TD3 : Select USB as clock source and 24PPQ In VCV : You need to send a clock multiplied by 24 to the CV-MIDI module from VCV and select the TD3 as a MIDI destination

I use Clocked from impromptu and it work just fine :slight_smile: I did not need to modifying the pulse width of clocked, i try but it make thing worst

Not related to the clock but useful though, i use the module shift pedal from Alikins to send a trigger to my modules’s reset; i also send it to FlipFLop from bogaudio then send the A to start and the B to stop (on the CV-MIDI). Now when i press shift on my computer, it resting the clock, the sequencer AND the TD3, and restart it if i push it again :slight_smile: td3