Synchronizing a sample to VCV Rack

A couple of days ago I posted the same question in the facebook group. Is there any way to sync a sample to vcv rack? Someone posted an idea of a patch that would theoretically work, but not in the way I spected. His idea was this:


Although it seems like an interesting way to modulate a sample, it does not what I’m trying to accomplish, although the idea is basically the same: reading a buffer.

Here I try to sync some sampled drums. So far I can only detect the BPM of the sample (I know it’s right because i made the sample at 150 bpm so when going at normal speed BPM tools shows the expected tempo). If I want to sync it to an external clock it is necessary to manipulate the sample speed very precisely and that is hard to do. Is there a way it can be done much easier?

Are you trying to take a sample recorded for one BPM and then speed/slow it to match the rate of a master clock?

Try to use FrozenWasteland BPM LFO. Its clock input can counts very slow clock input (so it will be fits for EOC sampler output). And then you can increase pulse in BPM LFO of course and send it to any source you want

No you can not automatically beat-stretch an audio file to VCV Rack clock/lfo modules.

That is why it is suggested to match a clock/lfo to the eoc (end of cycle) trigger of the sample when loaded in sample player module.

Currently the most sophisticated audio sampler module is Confusing Simpler by Nysthi.

You sort of can…

…as long as the sample has a length that is a ratio of the beat length. I don’t recommend moving the clock too far from what the sample was made for, since the pitch shifting coming out of OUAIve is not very delicious.

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I would love to know how this can be done actually. Sync a sample loop to the master clock so it won’t go out of sync when changing the tempo