Synchronization with ramps instead of clocks?


I want to synchronize two cycles of around 10 and 100 seconds. So basically I use two clock-synced LFOs, one receiving the clock, the other receiving the clock going through a clock divider. However I notice there is some latency between the two LFOs, increasing steadily.

I don’t know if the issue comes from the WT LFO or from the clock sync. Therefore I’d like to test a system I use in Max and which provides a tight synchronization. It uses a ramp (phasor~) and a ramp multiplicator/modulo (rate~). I am going to replicate this with Formula but are there ready-made modules with such features in Rack?

delay the one through the main clock by 1 sample and they should stay in sync, as the clock divider (if a different module) introduces a 1 sample delay.


To add to that: every cable adds 1 sample delay. So…delay by as many samples as there are cables in the path.

Another approach is hard sync:

If your stick to whole number ratios between the various LFO frequencies, you can have the slowest cycle reset the faster cycle(s). Then the faster cycles will get reset (synced) every ratio determined amount of cycles. As long as you stick to whole number ratios all faster cycles will fit exactly within the slowest cycle and can thus be synced periodically.

Or: use Clocked to sync them as all 4 clocks (main and 3 you can div/mult by up to 96x) all are at same sample in the outputs. If 96 is enough that is.

I know I keep saying but…

ShapeMaster - you may not even need Pro.

Do you really want time in seconds or in beats and bars relative to the clock?

If really seconds then you could try using 2 channels on SM (free), set length of channel 1 to 10 seconds and set length of channel 2 to 100s (type these values in). After a reset/run they should stay in pretty good sync in LFO mode.

With SM Pro you could use the EOC output on channel 1 on the triggers expander to fire a reset for channel 2 which would keep them in perfect sync for sure - set channel 1 to fire the EOC on last cycle (cycle 10) only.

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HetrickCV has a ton of tools for working with phasor-driven clocks and LFOs:

The replacement for ‘there is a Nysthi module for that’ will soon be, or already is, ‘there is ShapeMaster for that’ :wink:


MindMeld - ShapeMaster is a true multitool. One of the things you get with the PRO version is Clock Sync. But as an alternative to Clock Sync, many functions can be driven by an external Phasor (connected to the Shapemaster T/G input). You can use an external Phasor (e.g. a Saw/Ramp oscillator) or use one ShapeMaster channel to modulate/drive another.

There are so many things ShapeMaster can do…

Check out these videos on ShapeMaster by @Omri_Cohen and/or Jakub Ciupinski:

Omri Cohen - The Many Things You Can Do With ShapeMaster Pro from MindMeld

(over 50 minutes…)

Jakub Ciupinski - Shape Master Tutorials

(Playlist for his 9 episode series)