Synchronising VCV Library

I seem to have a large number of the 3rd party plugins loaded, but ideally I would like to clear the library back to the default set of VCV plugins.

I’m using the online VCV Library page and am clicking “Remove” left, right and centre. Is there an easier way to clear everything out AND have that reflected in the VCV Library page?

I release that I could delete everything in my documents/rack2/plugins folder but will that change be correctly shown if I go back into the VCV Library page?

If you click on “plugins” in the library page, you get a list with all plugins, after that you want to click on “show owned”. Now it is much easier to unsubscribe from plugins. Deleting the plugins will not update the library.


Thanks for the reply! I’ve used that facility to clear out everything. However, NYSTHI still seems to be present even though it was removed from the VCV Library page. Also, the plugin folders under documents/rack2/plugins are all still present.

UPDATE: I have just cleared out the folders under documents/rack2/plugins and everything is set back to a VCV brand only setup. I will then add to my library as and when I learn about ones which will suit me. Until then I’m going to grab some Omri Cohen videos and learn all about this thing :wink:


Best way to learn! Start with his early “basics” ones.

exactly the info i was looking for. super appreciated!